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Let’s eat well, sleep well and laugh a lot.

Self Care

Self care starts at self awareness and it’s not pretty. Let’s navigate it together with fun prompts, ideas and real talk.

Books Reviews

Explore all things bookish, from book aesthetics to reasons why you should pick a particular book.

Korean Drama

And music and learning Hangul and everything else Korean! Anneyong, jhal jinaeja!

I will read long books and the journals of dead writers. I will feel closer to them than I ever felt to people I used to know before I withdrew from the world. It will be sweet and cool this friendship of mine with dead poets, for I won’t have to touch them or answer their questions. They will talk to me and not expect me to answer. And I’ll get sleepy listening to their voices explaining the mysteries to me. I’ll fall asleep with the book still in my fingers, and it will rain.

Tennessee williams

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I’m a 23 year old youth whose biggest goal is inner peace and joy. Creating and consuming art helps me get there.

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